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What are the Huskies getting

The Washington Huskies received news today that graduate transfer QB Kevin Thompson from Auburn Riverside, has decided to make Mountlake his next stop. Thompson, who spent 2 years at UNLV before the last 3 at Sacramento State, was the Big Sky Offensive Player of the Year and 3rd in the Walter Payton Award (given to the best offensive player at the FCS level). I had a chance to study some film today to see just what UW is getting from a skill level standpoint.

NOTES: 6010 205- Will be a 6th year player- Missed 2 years with an elbow injury- Completed 58% of his throws (265-450) in 2019, for 3,216 yds with 27 TD’s and 8 INTS- Also ran for another 12 TD’s. Exposure- Arizona St, Fresno, EWU

STRONG POINTS: He has above average feet, athletic ability and quickness as a runner and in maneuvering within the pocket. Has a quick release, ball comes out with good velocity on short to medium range throws but does possess touch and has feel for correct trajectory when dropping balls into zones and over under-coverage. He can “get it out” and understands check downs. Very accurate on short and most medium range throws. Has feel in the pocket, can step up and looks for throwing lanes. Very good ball handler, runs an RPO offense with a lot of predetermined targets but can scan and get to 2nd and 3rd reads at times.

WEAK POINTS: Not a big kid, needs to find throwing lanes. Offense will have to fit for him to be successful. Has average arm strength (for NFL) on medium and deeper throws and his inconsistent accuracy downfield shows too often. Inconsistent accuracy when throwing on the move as well. Will need a clean pocket to operate in because of his lack of size. Very limited opportunities to make downfield throws so that’s a leap of faith at this point. Will throw into coverage at times.

SUMMARY: Plays in what is mainly a ball controlled, RPO, lots of play action system at Sac St. To that end, he is athletic enough to run for first downs but is not creative with ball in his hands. His ball handling and quickness are what makes his rushing game successful. Completing 58% in this system is not great but targets were size challenged and dropped their share. Kevin is an efficient operator of the offense and knows his strengths- likes to drop the ball off and limits his throws downfield. His INT’s are down because he doesn’t take many chances with the ball. He picks his spots downfield but he works a lot from the near hash in the Sac St offense. He is not going to stand in the pocket and make all the NFL throws. Reminds me some of Jake Haener is size and style but is probably a better athlete, lacking Jake’s arm. He performed better within the Big Sky Conference. Not a lock to make the step up to a Power 5 conference player but he flashes enough arm and has a lot of positives in his overall ability to give the Huskies an OPTION. Time will tell if he gives them the ANSWER.

Over the next month or so we will be evaluating and ranking all the returning Pac-12 quarterbacks  In our college football blog. Check back to see where your quarterback is ranked in preseason and follow the depth chart rankings all season long.

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