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NFL football is still an unknown but some contract issues still have to be resolved- OR NOT!

Jamal Adams | DS | New York Jets Adams and his feelings have been well known for a while now. The fires got stoked again this week when conversations leaked out that the two side were not seeing things the same. Here is my take. The fiscal responsible thing to do is to NOT PAY him until you have to, if you’re the Jets. He is tied up realistically for two more years, including the 5th year option. He could even be tied up another year if they were willing to use the franchise tag on him. Adams plays a position that’s tough to reward with a max-type deal. The Seahawks recently let Earl Thomas walk, the Chargers let Eric Weddle walk- both play similar positions. Safety is not looked at, by some, as a valued, “spend big money” position, much like OG or even RB at certain times. It’s just hard to build around a DS because it’s a position that is hard to consistently affect the game from. I realize, that’s an arguable point but bear with me. On the other hand, from a TEAM BUILDING standpoint, you need to take care of your best players. Its healthy for your locker room. If you move on from Adams your team will incur a set-back (both on and off the field) initially, no matter who you bring in. If he is viewed by management as “our core guy-top leader-difference maker”, then they HAVE to find common ground. He is younger than Thomas or Weddle was when they exited their teams, stage left. The Jets have all the leverage and hold all the cards. If I am the Jets, I go as slow as I can in any negotiations, for as long as I can, but eventually he has to get “some money”. Not break the bank money because you are rewarding way sooner than you have too. If the rumors are true that they have not talked money yet, that means this is on the “slow track”. These things take time. Dak Prescott | QB | Dallas Cowboys As much as this topic pains me to even talk about, at this stage, it just won’t go away. In my opinion, the Cowboys have screwed this deal up from the start. Dak should have been the first guy they took care of, way before overpaying RB Zeke Elliott, too early in his deal and before they panicked over rumored interest from the rival Redskins in WR Amari Cooper, on the eve of free agency this year. Both, bad deals in my opinion. The other hardship the Cowboys have put themselves under is by tagging Prescott they have tied up big-time salary cap dollars. Which is money they could have spent to better the team in other ways, either by adding another player or two or extending another deal or two. Let me just make a couple points as our former, “America’s team”, tries to make “chicken salad’ out of their own mess. First and foremost, Andy Dalton is not going to replace Prescott. What he gives the Cowboys is an option against 1. Not being able to LINE UP, without Dak. The Cowboys should have a good team with or without Prescott. and 2. Having Dalton under contract should STOP CRAZY MONEY NEGOCIATING, beyond 35 mil a year. Is Dak really worth 33 million a year more than Dalton- probably not. The other key point is, as with any high-level negotiation like this is, until time is “of the essence” both sides can posture and say silly things behind the scenes in the media and continue to ask for SILLY demands. The only down-side is that the other side can say NO. Look for this to get done on the eve of the season, when we run out of time for crazy demands.

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