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Mules Inc QB Temperature gauge: A look at Week 2

What has football people talking this week…

  1. Ryan Fitzmagic- Tampa Bay- It’s going to be extremely hard for Jamis Winston to regain this job after he comes back from his suspension. In fact, I’m not even feeling out on a limb. It’s obvious that this team is rallying around and behind the journeyman Fitzpatrick. This week’s numbers were again, “off the chain”, no pun intended here. 27-33 for 402 yds and 4 more TD’s. The numbers are only surpassed by his leadership and presence/confidence he is lending to a group that nobody thought had a chance before the season started. In fact, the coach was on the hot seat, coming off last year. Ryan has given us reason not only to watch the game, but now the post-game press-conference.

  1. AFC WEST- Totals as a group. 84-122, 69%, 1092 yds and 10 TDs, 1 int. Gotta rank pretty high for a single division all-time weekend.

2a-Mahomes, special, Brett Farve like arm, release and talent- recording breaking will continue.

2b-Rivers, 2nd straight week of great efficiency. 23-27 256yds, 3 TD’s and a road win.

2c-Keenum, showed heart, competitive spirit and leadership in a comeback win vs Oakland.

2d-Carr- listed 4 because he’s the only one to lose, he was 29-32 and 288yds, much improved.

This week’s Ugly’s

  1. Deshaun Watson- Houston- 22-32- 310 yds and 1 int. He had one of those games we all thought he’d have had, way before now. He looked confused, he was not accurate and the game was happening very fast for him. His top traits were only visible in short glimpses. Defensive coaches find ways to make young players inconsistent.

  1. Josh Allen- Buffalo- 18-32 for 245yds and 2 picks. Buffalo fans and fantasy owners, if there are many, have nothing to worry about, this kid continues to display all the tools. He is big, strong and can process from the pocket. He just needs time to adjust to the speed of the game and for the powers at be to give him some parts and players around him.

  1. Sam Bradford- Arizona- 17-27 for 90 yds and 1 int. This is not a good team, it’s not all his fault but the picture is clear. How long can it be before we see Josh Rosen? Over and under has to be week 5.

Photo Credits: Melinda Nagy, Shutterstock

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