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Early Season Pac-12 Quarterback Ratings

Randy Mueller weighs in on this years Pac-12 Quarterbacks and how they rank against each other as they project to the Pro-level. Regardless of age, if we had a draft tomorrow this is how they would rank.


  1. Justin Herbert Oregon- Has size, arm strength and AA to be a very high pick. Complete package, just needs consistency. Some tendency to lock on to receiver and must take care of the ball better in the RED-ZONE.

  2. Steven Montez Colorado- Another big kid, who is athletic, can avoid the rush and can drive ball into tight windows of the pro game. Needs to manipulate coverage better with his eyes and process defenses. Lots of single read routes at CU so development needed.

  3. JT Daniels USC- Young but has all the tools. Mature beyond his years with a nice quick release and great feel for the game considering his inexperience. Has “BIG TIME” upside. Looks like a PRO already.

  4. Garner Minshew WSU- Graduate transfer who has a nice comfort level in the pocket and a “live arm” to go with it. He has very good upper and lower body mechanics. He’s been coached up well, before he got to WSU. Love the way he gets the ball out of his hand. Finds open receivers and has an excellent mastery of this system.

  5. Jake Luton Oregon St- Has size, big arm and surprisingly good feet for a big kid. Has a very nice comfort level in the pocket (and the pocket is not for everybody) and is clearly being coached up well. A bit of a thrower currently, instead of a passer but if he can get/stay healthy he has a chance to become more polished and ascend.

  6. Jake Browning Washington- Gotta love Jakes competitive-ness, his accuracy and his ability to read coverage. He’s rated here at 6 on the list because of average arm strength and inconsistency throwing the ball downfield on many throws that will be required at the next level. Having said that, he will be on an NFL team and is rated #1 as being a “winner”.

  7. KJ Costello Stanford- A bit inconsistent with his accuracy and a slightly longer delivery but has size, strength and can get thru progressions from the pocket that should give him a chance at the next level. He shows his skills in flashes at this point.

  8. Manny Wilkins Arizona St- A 5th year Sr who shows a nice feel, good touch and although inconsistent, above average accuracy. His arm strength for the pro game is not great and he does show a tendency to hold the ball to long before giving up on a play but those are indicators of a very competitive nature and a will to really want to win.

  9. Chase Garbers Cal- This kid might be the next Jake Browning in the Pac 12. He is efficient, he has a nice touch and a very good feel for the game and for getting the ball out of his hands. He just needs live reps. His eyes and mind will do some second level stuff so he’s being coached very well but he does lack ideal size and arm strength that he’ll have to overcome to get to the top half of this list.

  10. Khalil Tate Arizona- A rare athlete with size and speed and a big arm. At his best when he breaks contain and because of that is very impatient in the pocket. Lots of RPO’s. He has shown touch and accuracy downfield early in this season but is far from a passer when it comes to running an NFL offense. I’d like to have him on my team though. He’s a weapon.

  11. Tyler Huntley Utah- Definitely a duel threat athlete. Not an accomplished passer at this point. Does have a quick release and can be effective on short to medium range passes. Limited opportunities on downfield throws, to date. System here is a long way from what he’d be asked to do in the Pros.

  12. DTR- Dorian Thompson Robinson UCLA- Very good athlete who is still learning the concepts of both his position and the Chip Kelly offense. Almost unfair to evaluate him at this time. He’s running for his life here and it’s no fault of his. His accuracy and vision is suffering because he’s just trying to survive. Let’s check back in a few more weeks.

Photo Credits: Action Sports Photography, Shutterstock

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