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Randy’s unique background and experiences have allowed him work with many coaches, many teams and many situations. He has not only negotiated many many contracts with coaches in his 32 years in the NFL, but as a General manager has gone to bat for coaches to lock down raises, promotions and represent them to ownership as the most important messenger, teacher, and as the  connection to the the teams most import asset, “the player”.


He has had the experience of managing both complete staffs and individual coaches and therefore has been right there in the office next door for the ups and downs that only those on the inside of a football building understand. With that, he has acquired perspective and set of instincts that nobody else in the industry has.


Randy believes that advising and representing a coach is much more than negotiating a contract. It is being a partner, a sounding board, a set of eyes and ears “outside” the building along with having the instincts to know what is going on “inside” the building.

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