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With over 30 years in the business, Mueller Football Advising is a great resource for all things football. Our founder, Randy Mueller, has quite the resume. As a GM for the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, and Miami Dolphins, Randy has worked with some of the greatest players and coaches in the league. In 2000, during his first year with the organization, he was awarded NFL Executive of the Year for leading the New Orleans Saints to their first NFL Playoff win in franchise history.

Throughout his career, Randy has built many valuable relationships that have led him to the creation of Mueller Football Advising. 


Mueller Football Advising will give you the information you need regarding all things football and provide you access to an NFL Executive to help you grow in every facet of the game.






Dwayne Joseph
Dir. Pro Scouting

Las Vegas Raiders

"Randy taught me the importance of remaining calm in high pressure situations and to value the perspective of my staff. I have often tried to model his ability to listen and unify my staff while not losing sight of the big picture."

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Will Lewis 
Former NFL Pro Scouting Director Seahawks, Chiefs and long time NFL executive

"I have worked with, or for Randy Mueller in multiple professional football leagues (NFL-AAF-XFL). His evaluation and communication skills are what separates him from most personnel men in the business. His ability to organize, setup and execute a network system is exceptional and lastly, because he's an honest and consistent evaluator, he commands respect as a leader for any organization."


Mike Riley

Former Head Coach of Nebraska and Oregon State

Coach of the Year in 2008

"Randy ‘s presentation to the staff on evaluation was outstanding. Before you get to the recruiting you have to know the kind of player you want and how to look for it . Every personnel guy and every coach can grow from the presentation Randy provides to a staff!"


Terry Robiskie 

Wide Receivers Coach | Jacksonville Jaguars 

"Randy is not driven by credit- but in my 45 years in the NFL few have meant more to their organizations than what Randy should get credit for. He was able to put both the Seahawks and Saints on the right track as playoff teams overnight. The guy flat out knows what it takes to rebuild organizations from the ground up.

If I ever had the power to build- I'd want Randy in my building in some capacity."


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